You're probably okay. Until slony breaks.

2010-08-25 17:25:16 UTC ERROR remoteWorkerThread_1: SYNC aborted

postgres[8785]: [5-1] ERROR: Slony-I: alterTableForReplication(): Table with id 902113 not found
postgres[8785]: [5-2] CONTEXT: SQL statement "SELECT "_maincluster".alterTableForReplication(tab_id) from "_maincluster".sl_table where tab_set in (select set_id from "_maincluster".sl_set where set_origin = "_maincluster".getLocalNodeId('_maincluster'))"
[5-3] #011PL/pgSQL function "ddlscript_complete" line 9 at PERFORM
[5-4] STATEMENT: select "_maincluster".ddlScript_complete(4521, $1::text, -1);

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